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Elmark Automatyka

Elmark Automatyka S.A., which owns the Rugged brand, has been on the market for more than 30 years. We began by designing and manufacturing modular microprocessor drivers.

In 1989, we started to distribute Advantech equipment in Poland, followed by those from many other leading manufacturers of industrial automation components and systems. We continue to broaden our product range by selecting suppliers who can guarantee the highest quality of their products.

Elmark Automatyka:

- Provision of industrial solutions to the market, for more than 30 years.Getac certyfikat
- Experience and knowledge of industrial processes.
- Distribution of products from the leading industrial brands. Moxa, Advantech, or Getac.
- Selectively adjusted range enabling the choice of comprehensive hardware and software for your project.
- Professional and free consulting and technical support before placing an order and after the purchase.
-Continuous development achieved together with our partners.

We are constantly expanding our system of Internet services, including: online shops, computer configurators and a system for handling service requests.

Thanks to our clients, we can continue to increase the potential and scope of our activities. The value of the sales of products and services in 2018 was 19M EUR, and we have completed more than 20 000 orders so far. For several years, we have been expanding our network of trading partners and distributors, including many based in other European countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Our team:

60 well organized employees
We have three offices in Warsaw. Our headquarters and our base for the production of industrial computers and services are located in the Wesoła district, the Training Centre is in the Mokotów district and our modern warehouse is in the area of "City Point" Business Park in the Targówek district.

Most people working at Elmark Automatyka are experienced engineers. Every employee has expert knowledge about his or her own group of products, allowing us to answer even the most complex of technical questions.

Creative people
The teamwork and creativity of our employees allow us to resolve issues for which we do not have an immediate answer. This is an important aspect for our customers, demonstrating our flexibility in any situation.

More than colleagues
We employ some very interesting personalities among our team. This is why the work atmosphere is great here. Good relationships at work translate into good relationships after work. After hours, we often spend time together, taking part in sports or cultural events.

Elmark Automatyka – for top-quality service

Express delivery
We ensure very high availability of products and delivery within 24 hours, throughout Poland.

Convenient terms
We offer convenient terms of payment, assigned individually to your company account.

Technical support
We can advise you on the products most suitable for your project, and then help you to resolve any technical issues during the implementation process.

Warranty up to 60 months
While making a purchase, you can extend the warranty period up to 60 months.

Demo equipment
You can borrow a selected product, to test it in practice before you buy it.

One-stop shopping
Our selectively chosen range of products allows you to purchase all the necessary infrastructural elements in one place. Check out our platforms: elmatic.net, rugged.com.pl

Competence centre
Our websites give you access to detailed technical documentation, user manuals and interesting articles regarding what we offer and our related activities. 30 years of experience in the industrial sector has given us extensive knowledge and understanding that we are pleased to share with you.

Increase the profitability of your company
We offer our customers the best prices for small quantities, and special prices for large projects.

Our online shop: RUGGED.com.pl

Conveniently. Intuitively. Immediately.
Check product availability in our e-shop

You can check the availability of the products you are interested in at our online shop in real time.

Build a product perfectly suited to your requirements. The customizer provides 100% component compatibility, so you do not have to worry about problems in the operation of your computer.

Online consultations
You can get immediate online consultations through the built-in chat on our websites.

Order history
On your account you will find the entire history of your online orders as well as all invoices and their status.

Save and edit your favourite configurations
There is no need to select all the components for your computer each time you place an order. Just save the configuration on your account, and then you can edit and add a ready configuration to your shopping cart, whenever you want.

One account, many websites
An account opened on RUGGED.com.pl automatically gives you access to our other sites: elmatic.net
Any commercial terms we have already offered you are also valid on these websites.

Logistics centre

Quick response is important to us
A well-organized warehouse and sales system enable us to process your order immediately.

Great availability
We make sure that the majority of the products are available in our warehouse immediately. In this way, we are able to deliver shipments within 24 hours.

Tracking your shipment
After the purchase, you receive a unique tracking number that allows you to check the location of your shipment during the delivery.

Identification of products
Nothing is lost in our company. We keep accurate records of everything we sell, so that we can check our entire sales history at any time.

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Elmark Automatyka: