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Industrial grade SSD mSATA, Full-Size, MLC, SLC or UltraMLC Flash

  • SQF-SMS 820


  • mSATA module compliant with SATA III and SATA v3.0 standard
  • Supports 72 bit ECC correct per 1K Byte data
  • Low power consumption SATA III storage module
  • Shock resistance, anti-vibration and low power consumption
  • GUI management tool & software API package
  • Supports Fragment Writing and Flush Manager


Comprehensive Security

In order to help protect customers intellectual property, Advantech has designed in a Security ID feature for Advantech SQFlash. Customers can easily implement security functions on their applications based on an encrypted utility and library. The Flash Lock feature helps users to lock SQFlash with the motherboard it operates on to protect flash data from being read.

• Security ID can be a full run-time configuration. All read/write access can be performed immediately. After Security ID I is enabled, all disk management access would be disabled, e.g. Format, fdisk, ghost, etc. This is because the SQFlash controller protects the SID area and does not allow any disk I/O to read or write to this area. If any tool or command tries to access this area, it will return a fail instruction.

• Flash Lock is a mechanism to lock SQFlash with the motherboard through the BIOS and make SQFlash only operate with the corresponding platform. This can help to prevent data being stolen by reading the SQFlash with other computers and card readers. Since the feature is a mechanism between the SQFlash firmware and BIOS, it can work only on Advantech products. If the target platform doesn’t support this feature, Flash Lock buttons will be grayed out as follows.

• AES 256-bit Encryption Key. SQFlash is optionally embedded with a security controller to generate an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption key for real-time data encryption before storing data into NAND flash. Since data is fully hashed with the 256-bit encryption key, once the controller or firmware has failed, there is no way to access data stored in the NAND flash.

• Emergency Erase is a hardware emergency erase. The low level erase command executed by the controller will be triggered once the GPIO has detected signal interruption. Three different erase levels could be made with SQFlash 820 series products:
- Data Erase: Firmware is kept intact in this mode so the drive is still usable after an erase. It takes around 70 seconds to thoroughly wipe out user data on a 256 GB SSD. However, if the erase process is interrupted, data will not be fully deleted, and remaining data could possibly be accessed after reactivating the device.
- Firmware Erase: The drive will immediately become unusable after execution since firmware will be destroyed in just a few milliseconds. AES is enabled and the encryption key is stored in the firmware, none of the data can be decrypted or recovered in such condition.
- Global Elimination: This is the highest security level erase mode, which is implemented on SQFlash 820 series. Once the erase command is triggered, the controller will proceed with a firmware erase first and follow up with a data erase to make sure the drive is completely wiped and no data is left on the storage media.


Power Failure Protection

To cope with severe voltage fluctuations in military, aerospace, in-vehicle, railway applications, the multi-stage power failure protection of SQFlash is built into the SSD building blocks. From the core storage area of the Flash IC, the Power Failure Saver feature ensures data integrity. SQFlash also features Power Drop Catcher to handle glitches from voltage drops, and Flush Manager to ensure all valid data is safely stored in the Flash IC. Voltage Stabilizer is also available to provide a stable operating environment for SSD components in case of serious power fluctuations.


Enhanced Durability with UltraMLC

SQFlash supports SLC, MLC and Ultra MLC types. Among them, Ultra MLC outperforms MLC in terms of withstanding a greater amount of usage with its endurance at least 10x greater than MLC.


Wide Temperature Support

For selected products, Advantech smart storage solutions offer wide temperature support, which is designed and approved to operate under -40° C to 85° C and has been verified at temperature corners plus 5° C with a burn-in operating functional test of -45° C to 90° C.


Extended Longevity

SQFlash supports 3-year longevity from product launch with strict fxed BOM support. Extended longevity support is offered for between 3~5 years.


Technical data

Durability class Industrial mSATA, Full Size
Memory SLC / Ultra MLC / MLC
Hard drive Full-size mSATA SSD (Solid State Drive)
I/O ports SATA III (6.0 Gbps)
Communication Mini PCIe 52pin connector with SATA pin-out (mSATA)
Power supply max 780 mA
Dimensions 50.8 x 30 x 4.2 mm
Operating temprature Commercial grade: 0 to +70° C
Industrial grade: -40 to +85° C
Additional information Supports Fragment Writing and Flush Manager

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