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RuggON Announces the Rextorm PX501 terminal, the versatile and rugged jack-of-all-trades

RuggON Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacturing of ruggedized computing products, is proud to present the best-selling, third generation Rextorm PX501. It is a single terminal, ready for any data collection, control, and management application, even in the harshest environments.

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DuraPAC by Acme company – portable workstation

DuraPAC by Acme is an exceptionally robust, portable workstation with a 17.3", FHD resolution of 1920x1080. The computer is available in two versions: with Intel® Core™ i7 or Intel® Xeon®. Standard 32GB RAM. Depending on the version, the computer may be equipped with up to 12 SSD or 8 HDD.

Itronix GD8200 is available now as Durabook R8300 

Twinhead, the manufacturer of Durabook computers, used to be the main OEM supplier for the American company - General Dynamics Itronix. After its fall last year, the company decided to add model GD8200, esp. popular in the USA, to their product portfolio. Now, after some small changes, it is again available as Durabook R8300.

Elmark is the distributor of Getac products in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe

We have the pleasure to announce that the Elmark Automatyka Company expanded the distribution of Getac products to even more countries. We are currently the only official distributor in Poland and, as of May this year, we started delivering Getac computers also to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Getac T800 – rugged tablet for field workers

Getac added, after the F110 model, yet another new generation tablet for field workers. Among its main users there shall be, first of all, public safety services, emergency power service, all kinds of GIS disciplines and the construction sector.