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RuggON Announces the Rextorm PX501 terminal, the versatile and rugged jack-of-all-trades

RuggON Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacturing of ruggedized computing products, is proud to present the best-selling, third generation Rextorm PX501. It is a single terminal, ready for any data collection, control, and management application, even in the harshest environments.

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Elmark - Getac Partner of the Year - 2013

Yet one more time our company has been appreciated and awarded the title of Partner of the Year - 2013. We are really pleased that our efforts, put in the sales and promotion of this brand in our market, have been appreciated one more time.

Getac X500 - bigger is better

The second generation of Getac’s biggest notebook is already available. The Taiwanese manufacturer made a number of improvements adjusting the computer to the dynamically changing market requirements.