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RealWear Rolls Out its Enterprise Wearables in Groupe PSA Factories

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By digitally connecting maintenance teams across factories in 10 countries, the French automobile manufacturer solves tough issues in real-time.
  • RealWear announced another successful rollout of HMT-1s in automotive.
  • Deployment of “Glasses Assist” program is for improvement in productivity and quality during vehicle assembly.
  • 10,000 hours have now been logged by users of device 
  • This is RealWear’s 3rd public automotive deployment – Volkswagen UK, BMW and now PSA. Other automotive firms are also piloting including Toyota Lexus and Porsche for customer service and faster troubleshooting. 

Las Vegas, Nevada (CES) – JANUARY 6, 2020 – RealWear, Inc., the global leader of enterprise head-mounted wearables, announced today that French car manufacturer Groupe PSA has successfully rolled out RealWear’s flagship HMT-1 head-mounted enterprise wearables for its factory technicians to improve productivity and quality during the vehicle assembly process.

Groupe PSA, which owns car brands Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, OPEL, and Vauxhall initiated its “Glasses Assist” project with RealWear in March 2018. Since that time, Groupe PSA workers have logged more than 10,000 hours on RealWear’s HMT-1 wearable computers.  The 45 voice-controlled, fully hands-free headsets are currently in frequent use in factories in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Morocco, India, Argentina and Brazil.

“Our fleet of HMTs was seamlessly integrated within our existing processes and passed all safety compliant requirements without question. We will continue to expand our HMT-empowered team with big plans ahead,” said Guillaume Calfati, who is in charge of new digital experiences and creative excellence at Groupe PSA.

Groupe PSA said it chose to standardize on RealWear due to its ruggedized construction and factory-friendly form factor. The company said the device is extremely comfortable and convenient, clipping easily onto a hard hat or bump cap, and the voice command interface is so intuitive that it can be learned in a few seconds without the need for instructions.

The solution, which was deployed in 80% of the company’s factories to date with plans to expand, currently runs HPE Visual Remote Guidance (VRG), a secure, enterprise-ready collaboration software application. The application runs atop RealWear’s purpose-built Android enterprise platform, allowing for a visually guided two-way interactive communications session via 3/4G or Wi-Fi.

The assembly of cars is the last step in the manufacturing process. During this stage, Groupe PSA must bring together thousands of parts and suppliers and run quality control checks at every step to identify and resolve defects. The Groupe PSA project allows remote experts in other facilities hundreds of miles away to troubleshoot defaults in real-time during the manufacturing process and resolve them within minutes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Groupe PSA and HPE on another global deployment of our systems,” said Andy Lowery, RealWear’s CEO.  “Groupe PSA has demonstrated successful long-term deployment of RealWear’s HMT knowledge transfer platform. This experience with HMT-1 is a success as the company will use this tool as a standard.”

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