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RuggON, with decades of ruggedized mobile solution expertise strives to improve productivity in harsh environments. Our dedicated engineering team is missioned to deliver devices with exceptional value & quality to improve user experience, we are keen to understand the different demands in each unique industry to provide application oriented & tailored solutions that are most efficient and yet effective. Here at RuggON, we are committed to tackle higher standards to achieve customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing endless possibilities today to meet tomorrow's demand.

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RuggON Fully Rugged Tablet Reliability Test

RuggON fully rugged tablets are tested by independent laboratories. Test results confirm their high quality and resistance to extremely unfavourable working conditions. Among others, resistance to shocks, vibrations or drops is tested. Moreover, they are tested for water tightness and protection against dust.


RuggON presents a fully rugged tablet with Android 9 and octa-core processor

Taipei, Taiwan, July 18, 2019, – RuggON Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacture of rugged computers, is proud to introduce its latest killer Android rugged tablet—the SOL PA501. Powered by an octa-core processor running Android 9 Pie, the GMS (Google Mobile Service) certified SOL PA501 is a masterpiece designed for field service, fire and rescue, and EMS professionals. The tablet features impressive performance and communication capabilities with endurable battery life to deliver unheard of performance for mobile workforces.