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RUGGED.com.pl online shop rules;

Summary of the Terms of Use of the Elmark Automatyka S.A. internet shop (www.rugged.com.pl).

Internet e-shop RUGGED.com.pl  is  intended for resellers / system integrators.

In order to use our internet shop, you need to fill in a request to open a new account. Your request will then be approved by one of our employees (on workdays, 08:00 a.m.-04:00 p.m.). The condition for request approval is the submission of all the required data.

Click to Create an Accoun

1. Detailed commercial conditions for all customer accounts are established by an Elmark Automatyka S.A. employee. This concerns, among other things, discounts and forms of payment.
2. The following forms of payment are allowed: transfer before shipment (based on a proforma invoice) or deferred payment for regular customers.
3. Discount: the discount calculation method depends on the account parameters and the (ordered) product group. Only selected (not all) product groups are subject to discount.
4. The cost of shipment depends on value of goods and country of delivery.
5. An order is considered as placed at the moment of clicking on the "Approve" button, and is confirmed by a relevant on-screen and e-mail message.
6. In cases when the option of money transfer before shipment is selected, and provided that all the ordered products are in stock, our internet shop shall send a separate e-mail message including the proforma invoice; this invoice constitutes the basis for payment.
7. Warranty terms for purchased equipment are available at rugged.com.pl/en/service-and-warranty